Welcome to MN Tailgate! We specialize in high quality cornhole sets that are built to American Cornhole League (ACL) and American Cornhole Organization (ACO) specifications. Please take a look at what we have to offer. Our products feature premier quality in both material and construction – you will not find a better set!

MN Tailgate is an approved Bag Manufacturer for the ACL! Please contact us for more information as these bags are not yet listed on our website.

Queue Status

As of November 28, 2017: Based on the order queue, the approximate turnaround time is the following:

  • Bare Wood Set: ~1-2 weeks
  • Custom Set: ~6-9 weeks depending on customization



As of November 28, 2017: Bags are in stock. Two customs set in the Regulation Size (2'x4') are in stock. These sets have the same design. Please ask for more information/pictures.


9/24/2017: MN Tailgate now offers dual sided bags (duck cloth side to slide/suede side to stick) filled with plastic pellets that are ACL approved.